There is a sharp rise in the number of UPSC and civil services aspirants in India as per the recent data.

The first priority of every student is UPSC but if by any chance they are not unable clear UPSC exams they go for state civil services exam.

The reputation of both  the exams is really high in India also there are some differences in both of them. So in this article we will discuss about the differences between UPSC and State Civil Service.

Syllabus & Exam Pattern of State Civil Service

Syllabus and Pattern for the selection exam

Syllabus & Exam Pattern of IAS (UPSC)

  • There are mainly 3 levels in this exam through which a candidate has to go through 
  1. Prelims 
  2. Mains
  3. Interview
  • There is a mandatory subject of CSAT. The main reason of to have this mandatory subject is to test reasoning ability of the candidate, also its qualifying in nature.
  • Students can choose any one of regional language paper for the examination and this is qualifying in nature.
  • Concepts based, statistical and logic based type questions are mainly asked in the examination.

Syllabus & Exam Pattern of State Civil Service

  • There are also 3 levels in this exam through which a candidate has to go through 
  1. Prelims 
  2. Mains
  3. Interview
  • Questions asked in the State civil service exam are mainly based on facts rather than concepts.
  • In some states there are regional language exams but in some states not.
  • On the nature & level of exam there is aptitude test and its not compulsory,


Designation in UPSC

After clearing upsc and IAS officer starts his journey as the joint magistrate. And with the increase in designations the ranking also increases. The highest designation for an IAS officer can be Secretory to the government of India.

Designation in State Civil Service

The state services rules of a particular state decides the beginning designation of a state civil service officer and the process of promotions is slow as compared to an IAS officer.


Pay Scale for UPSC ( IAS Officer )

  • The salary is given by the cadre state. Cadre state is the state in which the officer is giving its service.
  • No matter in which state an IAS officer is poster the salary is same for all the officers according to their ranking.

Pay Scale for State Civil Service

  • The salary is given by the state government in which they are posted.
  • The salary changes according to economical condition of that state.


In every aspect the UPSC is better than state civil service. Also we should not forget in the both the jobs the officer is serving to the nation and both of them are highly reputed jobs.

Candidates usually prepares for both the exams but their first priority is always clearing the UPSC exam.

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