Undoubtedly , the INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE exam is a tough exam. But however, the truth is that it is not that difficult that it cannot be conquered. Along with the right amount of hard work, accompanied with great determination, one can definitely crack the Indian Administrative Service exam.

How difficult it is to become an IAS officer

What is the process of becoming an Indian Administrative Service officer?

The step by step process of becoming an Indian Administrative Service officer basically involves 6 steps which are listed below:-

  1. Step one involves visiting the official website of UPSC, which is www.upsc.government.in.
  2. Once you have reached the website of UPSC, you have to click on the application for various examinations in Step 2.
  3. In Step 3, you have to choose the Civil Services Examination – Preliminary exam.
  4. In step 4 start registering with Indian Administrative Service Part – 1. 
  5. In Step 5, you will be required to fill up your personal details.
  6. The sixth and the last step involves choosing the exam center according to your convenience.

How can becoming an Indian Administrative Service officer Become simple?

Here are some key points that will help student in achieving success in the journey of becoming an Indian Administrative Officer thus making it simple

1. The candidate should Mentally prepare themselves for the journey

Before preparing for the Indian Administrative Service examination, he or she should first be mentally prepared for the journey of the Indian Administrative Service examination. Before starting the preparation for the Indian Administrative Service exam, you need to first mentally and also physically prepare yourself. Set your goals and keep them clear. Focus on working effectively and efficiently along with keeping your goals in your mind. Making an organized timetable will further help you in achieving your goals .

2. The candidate must Develop a suitable timetable for self study

 The journey of becoming an Indian Administrative Service officer starts from the very beginning because it is very important for the candidate to behave like an officer from the very beginning. The candidate should follow a very well- organized routine. An Indian Administrative Service Officer to be, necessarily needs a well organized timetable before starting the preparation of the IAS exam and should then follow it with loyalty.

3. The candidate must know their syllabus properly

This is one of the most important points that should be kept in mind while preparing for the IAS exam in order to make it simple. Syllabus is the soul of the preparation process of the IAS exam. Knowing the proper as well as complete syllabus of the IAS exam is the first thing that the student should be aware of. 

4. Reading the newspaper regularly and keeping a check on the current affairs

The newspapers are undoubtedly the most important components for the candidates preparing for the Indian Administrative Service  exam. Reading newspapers on a regular basis provides a tremendous amount of information about current affairs. The questions  in the Indian Administrative Service examination are directly or indirectly connected with current affairs. In case the candidate is not habitual of reading newspapers then they can find various alternatives like following different channels on youtube or downloading news apps. 

5. Making systematic as well as short and simple notes.

 Making short and simple notes in their own language notes during Indian Administrative Service exam preparation will act as a quite a helpful strategy that will help the candidate in studying properly. It is a fact that the syllabus of the Indian Administrative Service examination is very expansive. Short notes are preferred by many candidates as they help in making a difficult topic easier. 

6. Practice writing  of answers

The mains exam papers of the Indian Administrative  Services are very descriptive and vast in nature. They require a lot of explanations. Their main focus is to test the analytical, critical and communication skills and abilities of the candidate. The candidate needs to answer the question in a proper as well as flawless manner. Also, in the IAS examination, it is expected that the candidate should answer the questions in a very quick as well as brief manner. It must be very clear now that it is not possible to crack an IAS exam without proper written practice. Thus, it is very important for a candidate to properly practice writing exams in order to crack the Indian Administrative Service exam.

7. Solving previous years question papers

A candidate who is preparing for the Indian Administrative Service Examination can easily trust on the previous year question papers for collecting basic as well as complex information  about the  pattern of the IAS examination, the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions that can be asked.

8. Finish your syllabus a little before time so that you have time for Revision

Revision plays an important part in the preparation of IAS examination. It is normal for candidates to forget thighs that they may not have studied recently or revised or things that they may have studied in the beginning. Thus in order to avoid this from happening, a candidate must save some time for revising the syllabus properly.

9. Try to Stay positive as much as you can

The key aspect and the very most important part of the entire Indian Administrative Service exam preparation journey is that the candidate should remain positive throughout it. There will be many reversals and changes in the candidate’s journey. It is very common for the candidate to feel powerful and growing one day and unmotivated on the other day. But at the end the candidate has to stay strong and has to focus on all the positive aspects of the journey along with ignoring all the negative thoughts and points from all around them and get back to studies with as much positivity as possible.

In addition to the points listed above, here are some short key points that you can keep in mind during your IAS journey.

  1. Proper Time Management
  2. Make Current Affairs your Best Friend
  3. Enhance your Concentration Level
  4. Make proper use of Internet
  5. Commitment and Passion are the Key

Role and Responsibilities of an Indian Administrative Officer

  1. Generate Important policies and then discharge them
  2. To suggest the ministers on Important Matters
  3. Maintain discipline amongst citizens 
  4. Follow the law and order properly by maintaining them
  5. Expenses supervision
  6. Carry out important decisions
  7. Implementation of the important policies generated

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