1) What is an IAS exam?

  • Before learning about IAS Coaching in Karol Bagh, let us first gather some brief information about what the IAS exam actually is! The short form IAS basically stands for ‘Indian Administrative Service’. It is considered as the administrative arm of the All India Services of Government of India.
  • On being considered as the most premier central civil service in India, the IAS stands amongst one of  the three arms of the All India Services including the services of the Indian Police and the Indian Forest Service as well.


  • Discrete IAS is one of the best Indian Administrative coaching institutes in Karol Bagh. We offer our students a large number of optional subjects for their UPSC examination. Our institute provides online as well as offline Courses.
  • We are a student-centered IAS institute in Karol Bagh. Our main focus is on providing our students with value-based learning so that they can be successful in future. We provide our students with the best quality of education accompanied with top class facilities  so that we and our students can work on developing their skills.
  • Our main aim is to provide our students with a healthy studying environment that will help them in preparing for their exam and gain confidence along with it.

Why choose Discrete IAS for IAS coaching in Karol Bagh?

Here are some brief points which will help you in deciding why Discrete IAS is the best IAS coaching in Karol Bagh and why you should choose us.

  • We are a super specialized institute for Indian Administrative Service Examination Preparation
  • We keep our batch sizes small so that effective and interactive learning can take place.
  • We follow a systematic approach for completion of the IAS exam syllabus  through a systematic class plan.
  • We offer value based learning with the aim of getting the exam cracked.
  • We focus on making our students practice writing answers.

 3) Why is Karol Bagh the best locality for taking IAS coaching?

  • Karol Bagh undoubtedly has become one of the most famous as well as preferred locations for the preparation of the Indian Administrative Service Examination because of the simple yet excellent amenities accompanied with an impeccable learning environment. Maximum of the UPSC Coaching in Karol Bagh mainly focus on providing value-based learning to their students, along with a high success rate.
  • Karol Bagh is now on the top in the list containing main places in Delhi for Indian Administrative Service Exam Preparation. A very large number of candidates and students from all across India come to Delhi to specially join Indian Administrative Service Coaching in order to prepare for their IAS exams. There are a lot of reading libraries in Karol Bagh that are always open for 24 hours.

4) Role of Coaching Center in getting IAS exam cracked

(in short- the importance of IAS coaching institutes for potential students.)

  1. ‘Is it compulsory to take coaching classes in order to crack the IAS exam ?’ This is that one question which almost everybody thinks about at least once when they plan to take the IAS exam. So… the answer to this popular question is a big ‘NO’. A few candidates may be able to crack this examination without coaching but not everyone is capable of doing so.
  2. A learner needs to be efficient in his or her studies, have generalist understanding of topics and should be ready with complete study material in order to crack the Indian Administrative Service exam.
  3. IAS Coaching center in Karol Bagh will make sure that the IAS preparation has been started on time and is continued on the basis of the topics which are most relevant for the exam.
  4. In addition, it is very important that the candidate should have proper knowledge about what to browse and what not to, thus keeping this thing in mind, the IAS coaching institutes make sure that they work on this principle.
  5. In addition to all these, one of the most important benefits of IAS coaching institutes in Karol Bagh is that, they also provide their candidates with the right IAS exam study material so that the students can cover the entire syllabus on time.

5) Factors that one should consider before joining IAS institute in Karol Bagh.

  • Results of the past few years of that Institute

As we all know that the world is now becoming a result-oriented platform, thus going through the results of the past few years of IAS coaching institutes before selecting any one is very important for the candidate in order to join the best  IAS institute in Karol Bagh.

  • Reviews of Old Students from that institute

Many websites like ‘Collegeduniya’, ‘Sulekha’, etc. are launched which provide correct information and reviews given by the students who were once a part of that institute or coaching center. Students are free to post honest reviews and opinions on these websites. Websites like these can guide a student in deciding the best IAS coaching in Karol Bagh by providing them with honest and accurate reviews and opinions of other students.

Proper study and student material is being provided to students or not As discussed above, correct and complete student material is the most important part for a student to crack his or her IAS examination. Thus this is a very important point that a student must keep in consideration while selecting the best IAS institute in Karol bagh. It is the duty of an institute to provide their students with relevant as well as updated study material as it will be extremely helpful in not only IAS examination preparation but also in providing the student with an idea about the functions of the official administrative department.

  • Environment of growth and productivity

The Indian Administrative Service examination is undoubtedly a very tough exam. It requires efficient as well as intense preparation just like any other competitive exam. Thus, it is very important for a student to study in a positive as well as a productive environment. The student should be provided with such an environment which leads him or her to develop an innovative as well as a creative thought process accompanied with the power of dynamic decision making. Discrete IAS institute, Karol Bagh has an innovative and growing environment.

  • Expenditure incurred while studying at the institute

The criterion for cost is an essential factor for a strong reason. While considering the factors for choosing the best  IAS institute in Karol Bagh, the candidate must also consider this point as an important one. The institute must charge a justified amount for their coaching classes. It is the right of the student that they must be provided with the best services within their budget.

Faculty cell of the Indian Administrative Service coaching institute Along with all the above factors, being provided with a knowledgeable as well as technologically equipped faculty, is an extremely important criterion. This point should compulsorily be kept in the mind of the candidate while choosing the best IAS institute in Karol Bagh.

  • Location of the institute in Karol Bagh

Last but not the least, Location of the institute must be the final consideration that you must keep in mind while selecting the best IAS institute in Karol Bagh. The traveling time from your residence to your destination that is your coaching center should be feasible enough for you.

6) How should one start preparation for their IAS Exam?

In order to crack the IAS exams, one must have a proper schedule and should also efficiently follow it. Listed below are some tips that will help a potential student in preparing for his or her IAS exams and successfully clear it.

Preparation For IAS Exam
  • Prepare yourself for the journey

Before trying to understand how one should prepare for the IAS examination, he or she should first be prepared for the journey of the IAS examination. Before starting the preparation for the IAS exam, you need to first mentally as well as physically prepare yourself. Set your goals and keep them clear. Make sure you work effectively and efficiently. Also, make an organized timetable for yourself.

  • Make a well organized timetable for self study

In order to serve the nation, to become an Indian Administrative Service officer, it is very important to feel and behave like an officer from the very beginning. One must have a well- organized daily routine. A Future IAS Officer needs a comfortable timetable before starting the preparation of the exam and then follow it with complete loyalty. This will lead to an easy as well as systematic preparation and make the preparation more streamlined.

  • Know your syllabus properly

The syllabus is definitely the soul of any  type of exam. Knowing the complete syllabus is the very first thing that a student needs to do before they go through the study material.

  • Newspaper reading/ reading current affairs

The newspapers are undoubtedly the most important aspects of the Indian Administrative Service  exam. Reading newspapers provides a lot of information about current affairs. The questions that are asked in the IAS examination are somewhere or other, directly or indirectly connected with current affairs. In case you are not habitual of reading newspapers then you can follow various youtube channels that provide relevant information on a daily basis.

  • Making proper and systematic notes

Making short notes during IAS exam preparation is quite a helpful strategy to study properly. Since the IAS syllabus is very vast, notes help us in keeping track of the portions that we have covered and also serves as a ready-reckoner at the time of revision. Students can make separate files or notebooks for separate subjects in order to keep things clear and systematic as well. Systematic notes are preferred by most of the students as they help in making a complex topic easier. Notes are especially helpful in the case of adding news related to current affairs in a particular topic.

  • Practice writing answers

The main exam papers of the Indian Administrative Services are very descriptive in nature. They mainly focus on testing your analytical, critical and communication abilities. You need to answer the question in an appropriate as well as flawless manner. Also, a candidate is required to answer the question very quickly and briefly. All this is not at all possible without practicing answer writing. Thus, one needs to practice a lot of answers in order to crack the IAS exam.

  • Solving previous years question papers

A candidate can easily rely on previous year question papers in order to collect information about the IAS pattern, the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions being asked. Also, previous year question papers act as an excellent source of self-assessment in a student’s IAS exam preparation.

  • Save time for Revision

Revision is an important part of all examinations and especially when you are preparing for a taught examination like the IAS exam. Student often forget thighs that they may not have studied recently or may have studied in the beginning. Thus in order to avoid this situation from occurring, one must timely revise things.

  • Try to Stay positive as much as you can

The most important aspect of the entire IAS exam preparation journey is to remain positive. There will be many instabilities and fluctuations in your journey. You may feel great one day and depressed the other day. But all that you have to do is to remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and get back to studies with as much positivity as possible .

7) Tips to crack IAS exam without coaching

Here are some simple yet effective tips that one may follow in order to crack the IAS examination without taking any IAS coaching.

  • Try to read and cover complete NCERT and re other standard books
  • Make it a habit of reading a newspaper on a regular basis and make systematic notes.
  • Practice writing answers daily for the Indian Administrative Service exam.
  • Practice IAS previous year question paper and the mock tests as well
  • Groom yourself for an interview. Keep yourself updated and keep on practicing side by side.
  • Most importantly, stay consistent and stay positive. Let all the negativity out of your head and out of your room as well.